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Despite the national lockdown, Centurion Hospice will continue essential palliative services to our registered patients. Please call the on-call line should you need a nursing sister of social worker.  Cell Number:  066 175 8658

“The pain will never go away” 

One day, during level 4 of the lockdown, Gale du Toit (72) sat in front of her computer, but she did not concentrate on the word document that was open in front of her. She was busy writing a eulogy – to her mother – who died almost two years ago. Next to her computer, was a bottle of strong pain medication…

Then her hand reached for the pills – but a voice called out to her – to pick up her cell phone and call the Centurion Hospice. Within minutes a social worker, and a traumatologist and member of the board of directors, Elize Thirion, were at her doorstep.

“They saved my life, that day,” Gale said…

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Die Centurion Hospice, in collaboration with NB Publishers, creates magic once again by bringing writers and books to your living room.

The first #bookmagic video will be premiered this coming Monday on our Facebook Page. The book is titled: Die wêreld volgens Wim Vermaak, and was written by William Oosthuizen. The latter is a youth novel packed with many interestingcharacters, like a noisy grandmother, a skeleton, and an internet scammer to mention but a few.

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Goodbye, Nina, Goodbye

“I loved her very much,” said Desteny Adams, a palliative nurse at the Centurion Hospice. She cried. For Nina. the loss of a brave woman beaten by cancer. It was a cold day in June…

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