Book Shop & Charity Shop

The Charity shop has a wide variety of articles for sale. The items in the Charity shop can be classified as artworks, frames, toys, books, clothes, glassware, furniture, jewellery and electrical goods. Some of the items defy classification and are sold as collectables.

Some people donate rare items to the Charity shop. Every donation brings new treasures to the shelves of the Charity shop. The variety changes constantly. One week there may be a range of framed Gustav Klimt prints, the next week the Charity shop shelves may be filled with blinds and curtains. Dealers frequent the shop looking for bargains and we know that many of them have left the Charity shop very satisfied.

As the stock in the Charity shop is quickly snapped up we recommend that shoppers visit frequently to catch any bargains. We can’t store items for shoppers and the policy is first come first served.

The Charity shop shop book section has been gifted with everything from Africana to Archie comics. All categories of writing line the shelves of the Charity shop book section.

Clothes, in the Charity shop, range from the latest ranges to vintage ensembles.  Few items are more than R100.

Glassware ranges from ordinary stoneware to rare crystal glasses. The Charity shop shelves will allow you to equip your kitchen with mugs, plates, plastic bowls and containers, and cutlery very cheaply.

For adventurous bargain shoppers the white elephant section has a range of pre-loved treasures.

Sometimes the Charity shop has a range of sewing, knitting and craft packages that will assist any crafter.

CDs and DVDs are also for sale from the shelves of the Charity shop. They are cheaper than downloading from the internet – and the Charity shop sales are legal.

People looking for electrical and furniture should speak to Lukas and he can show you the items that the Charity shop has. Because space in the shop is limited furniture and large appliances are stored outside the Charity shop.

There is a large art section in the Charity shop. People looking to cost effectively frame diplomas and artworks should look at the Charity shop Frames before approaching someone else.

The Charity shop is like a beach – you never know what treasures will be cast up on the shelves.