About Us

In our world terminal does not mean contagious, dying does not need to include pain and death certainly does not mean loneliness and obscurity!


It is never too early to contact a hospice.  The most challenging time in your life may begin with hearing the news that you or a loved one has a life-limiting illness.  You do not have to go through this experience alone.

Centurion Hospice provides comprehensive services to people suffering a life-limiting or terminal illness.   Our holistic approach includes palliative care, psychosocial service and bereavement support.

Knowledge is power!  We create awareness of what palliative care includes – pain and symptom control, mitigating against the impact on the family, and leading the patient and loved ones towards acceptance.

At Centurion Hospice we believe in quality of life, dignity in death and support during bereavement.

  • Hospice care is about life and living well until the time of death
  • Palliative care affirms life and looks after the ‘whole person’
  • Palliative Care upholds honest and open communication between patient, family and care team.
  • Patient autonomy is upheld and decisions respected.
  • Care services are provided to all who require palliative care, irrespective of economic status, race, religion or gender.


Centurion Hospice is non-profit company that serves the community and provides services whether our beneficiaries can afford it or not.

We derive all our funding from donations, sponsorships and bequests, or from our own income generating projects such as the charity shop and fundraising events. We also utilise our premises to generate income from rentals.


  • Medical Equipment Hire (Wheelchairs, hospital beds, commodes, walkers, crutches etc.)
  • Adult Diaper Sales
  • Carpentry to order
  • Conference Centre Hire (including catering)
  • Function Hire (including catering)
  • Advertising Space on road frontage

Our shop is fully reliant on donations.  If you can donate, we can collect!