Psycho Social Services

Our social worker, Odette, is on hand to provide support and counselling to family members and to the patient from the time of registration with Hospice.

She can also provide assistance with practical issues such as pensions, Living Will, family support and specific care needs. 

Spiritual care:

Our team of volunteer spiritual counsellors and chaplains are available should the patient need an appropriate person to talk to, receive pastoral care, and support.    Spiritual support may include prayer, reading, music therapy and listening with understanding.   Spiritual care is grounded in love and respects the dignity and wishes of the patient.


Counselling/Social Workers:

The adjustment to living with a life-threatening diagnosis can be challenging, and at times lonely.  Our social worker and spiritual team are available to support the patient, and loved ones, in coming to acceptance of the diagnosis and to optimising every moment of life.

Finding meaning in suffering and loss will assist the patient and family in living optimistically despite the diagnosis, and experiencing much needed appropriate support.

Bereavement Care continues for a year after the death of a loved one.  It is helpful to establish a relationship with our counsellors early on after diagnosis, so that meaningful support can continue appropriately into the bereavement period.

Support groups are held for spouses who struggle with the painful loss of a life partner.