Chanélle Labuschagne

Chanélle Labuschagne

My career started in the banking industry in 1992, with my first days in a branch and then working my way up to the Money Market division in Treasury.  This was where I discovered my passion for figures.

It was in 2002 that my entrepreneurial life started when I went in to partnership with my father.

We had a Timbercity franchise for 6 years, during this time a learnt valuable business lessons which still guide me to this day.  I started my bookkeeping business, Dependable Bookkeeping, in 2014.  I believe my success is due to having a passion for what I do and ensuring that I put my client’s needs first.

Through this business, I am also able to mentor and guide fellow entrepreneurs. And soon, I will be launching my Personal Finances Coaching workshops.

Late 2016, I went into partnership again with my father to help him fulfil his dream of starting a children’s training academy for preschool kids. We opened the doors of Little Cupid’s Training Academy on 3 January 2017 where I oversee the management of the business whilst he has all the playful fun of being amongst “our children” and see them grow every day.