Centurion Hospice Outreach for Women’s Month

A charity that reaches out to another charity

That might sound like a paradox, but Centurion Hospice has always done things differently. After all, it is women’s month, and all women need to be celebrated.

For this reason, Centurion Hospice, decided to spoil the women living in the Lions Haven home for SASSA-seniors last Friday.

These women, who are mostly widows survived on their SASSA-pension can rarely afford to buy luxuries, or indulge themselves in any form of entertainment.

Therefore, Centurion Hospice, spoiled them with a gift bag and entertainment which made these women swoon. 

The latter was in the form of Callie Sabastiaan, a singer that entered the music industry at the advanced age of 52. “You are never too old to start a new career,” the singing hunk said before starting his 30-minute show with the hit Agter Elke man. “I believe that behind every man is a woman, rolling her eyes,” he said to the delight of the women.

Well-known music publicist Lydia Winchers echoed his sentiment during her short but powerful speech. “Women must stand. We can’t always rely on men. We must look after ourselves and after each other. And yes, I always roll my eyes at men,” she laughed.

Lydia told the women that her previous husband left her after a marriage of 27 years for a much younger woman. “I walked out of my marriage with nothing. I am a few years away from 70. I don’t have anyone to look after me – I have to look after myself,” she told the audience.

 Lion’s Haven forms part of the Kiepersol Community Centre in Eldoraigne.

Manager of the center, Isabel Nel, said that the home was established nearly 26 years ago. “There are currently fourteen women staying in the home. R1140 of their pension goes towards accommodation, sanitation and one meal a day. We rely on sponsorships and funding from the community to address the rest of their basic needs, medical attention, clothes, toiletries, and cleaning services. Most of these women’s children are in dire straights themselves. Thus, they can’t count on the goodwill of their children.”

Annette Reed, the CEO of Centurion Hospice said, “ Centurion Hospice has always there for the community and we shall continue to do so.”

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