Memory Lane Cafe

The Story of Success

Necessity forced the Centurion Hospice management team to sit down and consider what to do when we faced the loss of income from the coffee shop.   We could either lose money or be creative!  The former was not an option.  Marius Bester, our Operations Manager said:  “No way!  Lets take up the challenge and do something great.”  This was the birth of the Memory Lane Café

At the end of 2021 Centurion Hospice was in a difficult position.  Our tenants who had rented our little on-site restaurant vacated the property.  What they did leave behind was a neat shop (albeit with no equipment or furnishings) and clients who were aware that we had a coffee shop.

On 6 December we opened the doors with a limited menu and no reputation.  Marius and a brand new young chef, Charlie Kock soon attracted attention with an excellent small menu offering affordable breakfasts and light meals. Very soon the cakes on offer became the attention grabbers! 

Today, 8 months later, Memory Lane offers a wonderful menu for persons from all walks.  The catering service has grown substantially and Memory Lane offers a full catering and bakery service.  Platters, served meals, pies and cakes are available on order.  Events are offered for ladies teas, birthdays, kitchen teas, funerals, business meetings etc. either at our premises or yours.

We remain a community organisation with one vision – to be in the community for the community. 

Phone MARIUS for a quotation on 076 026 8643.

“Centurion Hospice – A Destination of Choice”

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