Your Shopping Destination of Choice

Our Legacy Charity Shop sells a wonderful selection of clothing, toys, videos, DVDs, CDs and vinyls, furniture, bric-a-brac and household goods. The bookshop is a treasure trove for bibliophiles and if you stay long enough you may just fall of down the rabbit hole!  For lovers of vintage clothing, a regular dig is essential.   Enjoy exploring in this warm and welcoming environment.

The shop allows us to provide services to patients who cannot afford private palliative and psycho-social care.  We also use these funds to purchase medical supplies and medicines for pain and symptom control and provide medical equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds and commodes to our patients.

Textile goods that remain unsold after 3-months are re-gifted to other charities for distribution to impoverished communities where jobs are created by keeping unemployed persons busy with repairs and alterations to donated second-hand clothing. Not only does this provide self-employment, but it also increases household income and enhances the local economy.

Donated goods are priced by our logistics staff and volunteers and are extremely competitive.  Bargaining places unnecessary strain on our shop assistants and denies a patient critical care!  As a non-profit organisation, we are fully self-funded and do not receive any funds from government sources.  Should you believe an item is over-priced, bring your concern to the attention of the shop supervisor who may refer the item for re-pricing.

Second-hand goods may have faults which are not apparent even if examined. We urge you inspect your purchase and satisfy yourself that the goods are to your satisfaction. We do not have a return policy, but each complaint will be dealt with on merit.  We do not offer lay-buy nor credit, and goods purchased must be collected within 48-hours due to storage and security constraints.  After 48 hours you will be charged storage for an additional two days after which the goods will be resold.

We can collect your donations at no charge or deliver your purchases at an applicable delivery fee based on the distance from the Hospice.

Centurion Hospice is aware of the dangers of COVID-19 and have strict protocols in place to ensure the safety of both our clients and staff.  

  • Please wear your mask – without it you will be denied access to our premises.
  • Respect social distancing and use the hand sanitisers provided.
  • Avoid touching your face and ask for additional sanitiser if needed.

Trading Hours:

MON TO FRI –  08:30 TO 16:00

SAT – 08:30 TO 13:00